Saturday, 23 March 2013

Mama Loves yuh !

All the senseless killings in our community.  I have a problem with that.  I remember hearing of a shooting over twenty years ago in Brixton, when gun crime in our community was unheard of, now we have become immune to it.  

Someone once said to me “They have nothing, so they die for nothing!”

Right there I have a problem with that, we need to show them that they have way more then they think.  They have my Love and belief that better days will come for them, if only they could pause a while and see the pain and destruction they are causing.

I use to get so hung up about the reports, always looking for a link, ( bad boy, gang related, drug related, feud) or anything.  My fear has always been the whole randomness of it all and getting caught in the crossfire.  Well that seems to be happening more and more.  I will write about this again, and no doubt I will update this page again.  This subject and my views on it will never be exhausted, I want to know everything about it and why these senseless killings are still going on.

Here’s a poem I posted on the 28th February  on FB

#27 Postal Wars

You are expected to defend your home
When your home are on the streets
That's an alliance that you cannot beat
When you are protecting a zone
That does n’t even belong to you
You can refer to it as Your Manner
Claim those who originate from there
Have a certain swagger
But you would be lying
They have nothing
That distinguishes them from any other
So they claim the streets as they’re own
Cordoning off imaginery zones
You cant go there
We dont know you
You will be slewed
Have you been invited in?
Is there someone you know here?
They roam around in packs
Waiting for the next attack
They've got a reputation to uphold
You cant have any and any man walking through your zone
That's a major disrespect you know
An as-semblance of family life
They are all looking for Dad
Someone to watch out for them
Give them what they never had
The loyalty runs deep
Secrets you take to jail
You roam the streets
As you are unable to sleep
With these secrets you have to keep
Yes a few innocents will get caught up along the way
No one is innocent
Belonging to a gang
Is the only way
Pledge your allegiance
Pledge it today
We can protect you
Then you can go on your way

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