Saturday, 23 March 2013

What is happening to your high street?

This poem was posted the 25th February 2013 FB

Look It is a problem and it is a real phenomena . It's like our local high streets are turning against us. Trust me it is only going to get worse.

No I don't have the answers, maybe after reading this you may have a few suggestions, let me know

#24 Your High Street

Take a walk along a high street
My how its changed
No woolworths
No Jessops
No Adams
I think you get my jist
The shops we have lost is on an endless list
These high streets no longer serve the community
There is something going on much sinister than this
There are discount stores, selling things you don’t need
You buy coz you are addicted and need to feed your greed
But its only a pound you reason
Or 99p and what can you do with that?
Apparently you can collect all your pennies
Go down to William, Ladbroke, Paddy or betfred
And place a penny bet
1 p , 1p what can you do with that?
Well in every high street up and down
That 1p soon becomes a big fat pound
After you have spent all your money you can
Stop for a bite to eat
There’s, KFC, Country Chicken, Best Fried Chicken
Morleys, Greggs and Subway
I think you see where I'm going
This is how you can spend your day
Spending money you just don’t have
Coming home with bags and bags
Of rot that didn't cost a lot
When everything is spent there is always
Cash Converter, Gadget Exchange,
Pawnbrokers or the simple Money Shop?
No that's not where you buy money
That's where you give all you have got
There are logbook loans, pay day cheques
It all ends in the same way
You will pay and pay
To the end of your days
So next time you are bored
And thinking of taking a stroll
Don’t go down your high street
Don’t go there No not at all!

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