Saturday, 23 March 2013

Falling out of Love

Although I profess to be a LoveJunkie (addicted to Love) in all forms.  Love of my people and Love of a Good Man. Love of food, I have to include this, I am passionate about food.  

I seem to have an preoccupation with the ending of relationship.  That’s the thing, if you are a LoveJunkie this is almost an occupational hazard.  

I don’t look at it as an end, just a new beginning of loneliness.  Hmm !

Love Don't Live Here Anymore

Its not that I don’t love you
Its just that I have to go
Its taken me all these years to realise
That love doesn’t live here no more

With that he was gone
Bags prepacked he headed for the door
A lifetime passed by standing motionless
Waiting for an explanation
A second opinion on what you had just witnessed
Confirmation that it was for real
And that you weren’t coming back no more

Tears stinging your eyes
Threatening to stain your face
Really what was the tears about
It wasn’t a conventional breakup
No adultery no affair
No screaming and shouting
And getting it off your chest
Just a one sided discussion
Something you can’t ignore
The final show of arrogance
Before you headed through the door

Clearly you had thought this out
Convinced that you are sure
To end the existence of you and us
To banish me to a place of no return
Where broken hearts go to yearn
Although we both went into this
Only one of has gone through the door
Confirming, Love Don’t live here anymore!

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