Sunday, 2 February 2014

The breaking down of a nation

posted fb 02/02/14

#361 Black box

Black African
Black British
Black Caribbean
Black mixed
Black other
Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black box
I will not tick that box
I will not be catogerised
I will not be catologued
I will not be filed away and denied
I will not cower under the chains
that you  have over me
I will, I will, I will be free

I have not be programmed
I cannot be debugged
I have slipped through the matrix
I stand before you definitely

I know where I am going
I know where I am from
I have had it with singing
all those slave songs

I will not be a singer
no running for me  

I will not stand behind the counter
and say “Do you want fries with that please?”

I have not come to march
freedom is too difficult to achieve

I am that loose cannon
I am all your nightmare dreams
I am that face that you see
when you wake with a scream
I look in the mirror I know what I see
racism, imprisonment no justice here for me

I will be going to the university
to collect many degrees
despite the fact my social etiquette
has it stacked against me

I am not poor
I am broke
these are my words
carefully chosen
I have spoke

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