Thursday, 30 January 2014

Thinking aloud

posted fb 30/01/14

#359 Thinking aloud

I am an African warrior
I fight as many battles as I can
I have been fighting all my life
since I left African land

I fight battles when I find them
As I walk these cold streets
I don’t understand their ways
I won’t concede defeat

I have been here all my life
there is a lot I still don’t know
I have too much pride
so I struggle on with no indication
that what I am doing isn’t right

I work hard
I’ve even got a  few degrees
try as I will
they still have much more than me

they have stability
this comes with owning land
I rent for too many years
scared to venture out of  their plans

there are times when I walk the streets
with fear in my heart
there is money to be made
I don’t know where to start

it is not as difficult as you think
as long as you have connections
the world is your oyster
we are the pearls

our naivety is precious
wherever we have been scattered
scattered around this world
we stay where we are put
without a definitive plan

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