Sunday, 2 February 2014

A little tension

posted fb 02/02/14

#363 A journey

A journey to propel you through space and time
a joyous beat on a rhythmic rhyme
a luscious fusion of body sweat and smell
a giddy feeling like a cocktail
of booze gone straight to your head
heady heights flashing strobing pulsating lights
an entanglement of arms and legs
strewn across tables chairs and beds
a meeting of bodies and minds
monotony monogamy one at a  time
sweat mixes on your brows
light sound action wow!
a tingling sensations from head to toes
lips, tips, ear lobes and nose

Pelvic thrusting  of a deeper vibe
ancestral gyrating from that African tribe
beating of skins to a melodic beat
shooting of arrows fingertips to feet
stroking stroaming palms and tips
fulfilment in that forbidden fruit
in their fullness of lips
a hypnotic pendulum swinging left to right
a falling star in the dimming lights
as the shadows of lust haunts the crevices of your mind
and jaunts feverishly  to another space and time

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