Monday, 6 May 2013

Mother and Son

This poem came from something someone said to me, when I said a friend had their son’s picture as their fb profile picture, I also stated his shirt was off.  They just used the phrase ‘Oh one of those Mothers with an inappropriate relationship with their son’.  I was surprised at how well articulated the point was and then quickly gave other examples.  It seems it is quite a phenomenon and however it came about it needs to stop coz no good will or has come from it

posted fb 6/05/13
#94 Mother and Son

I've got an inappropriate relationship with my son
I know where it started
You see his Father just up and Run
I had to act fast I became a wife and a Super-Mum
Football league, buying all that he needs
This was how it had to be

He's got a little of him
A lot of me
Can you not see he is perfect as can be
I have an inappropriate relationship with my Son
He's like the Husband I never had
If he was much older you would say he was my Dad
I can't see what's wrong, he's like the Brother I never had
They say I've got an obsession with my son
You would to if you know all that we've been through

Now he is hanging with the wrong crowd
There's the weird smell from his room
I guess the police will be around again soon
Picking on my boy
Why won't they let him be
He is here most evenings keeping me company
So what's so wrong with that
Time has moved on. I still can't see what was wrong.
I've got a long distant relationship with my son

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