Saturday, 6 September 2014

If we could see into the future

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#186 What The Future Holds

He said I wasn’t listening
He said I didn’t care
I was like all those others
Who simply were not aware

I was listening
Maybe listening too much
Conversations were disjoint
Still very much out of touch

He said I needed to be careful
There were things he could see
He said it wasn’t looking good
For you and me

I asked him what he knew
Where he was getting these things
He could not disclose
But he meant everything

I wanted to ignore him
But what if he was right
What he had foreseen
Happened here tonight

Would I listen to him in the future
Maybe proving
That what he knew was right
Or was this just the ramblings
Of someone travelling too near to the light

I wanted to reach out
Tell him everything would be alright
What he had predicted for me
Was not going to happen tonight

But I couldn’t be sure
Doubt had set in
Wasn’t sure if I was coming or going
Now not sure where I had been

So he had won
With his twisted talk
Making me look behind
Whenever I walked

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