Saturday, 6 September 2014

I want my Sunday's back

I am not religious but I think Sunday is not the same since the shops are open. A reason or an excuse to get the family together with no excuses of 'I've got to work today'

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#365 Sunday

I love Sunday
say what you want
it isn’t like any other day

it ends the weekend
it starts the week
it is a day that can’t be beat

whether you spend all morning in bed
waiting patiently to be fed
there is something special about this day
that separates it from other days

some chose to go to church
some spend the day in front of the stove
waiting for the family to sit down
to a lovely family lunch

we now have the luxury of going to the shops
this is something I think should really stop
as if there isn’t enough time during the week
this is some anti family plot
we really should defeat

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