Saturday, 6 September 2014


I am the youngest of eight, that's all I am gonna say about that

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#17 A Bond So Strong

My sister is five years older than me
I was that annoying baby sister
That always got into trouble
Whatever I done she would get the blame
I walked around nonchalant
Not realising what a burden I was
For me, every situation was an adventure
For her, every situation was
A beating waiting to happen
The day all this changed
Was when she was twelve
There was a terrible accident
That much I could gather
The adults would spoke in whispered huddles
I knew something was wrong
My aunt tried to distract me
By offering me cakes and biscuits
I was on to her although these treats were nice
A  motorbike had run her over
That’s all I heard
I knew I had to get to her
It was only right
She always looked out for me
This was my chance to tip the scale
They said I couldn’t see her
I got into blinding rage
I broke a few of my Aunts best China plates
The cabinet door still hangs off its hinge
How dare they keep her away from me
Don’t they know of this sisterly bond?
Don’t they know she’s always got my back?
Don’t they know whatever happens
She has always been there for me
At seven I had no idea what I thought I could do
The details doesn’t matter
I cried and screamed I gave myself a headache
I still get headaches
Just thinking about it now,
Do not underestimate this Sisterly Bond

To keep us a  part is wrong so wrong!

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