Saturday, 30 August 2014

So That's why Black Men keep getting shot.

In Prison.  I would like to say I have never been to prison, but that would be a lie and that is something I won't do is lie.  I could say I was a Political Prisoner well for 2 and 1/2 days doesn't sound like much but it was long enough to decide I didn't like it and don't want to go there again.  How you use your time in every day life is important .  As a nation of people we waste so much time, we may as well be incarcerated, time wasted is time gone not to be repeated.  How much of you that is taken away? so much and more, your dignity, your home, your family, your purpose they do, they take your life.  I know it sounds dramatic let's just hope it doesn't happen to you.  How can you ensure this.  All you need is a few ill timed events, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, associating with the wrong people. Being Black and male is a good a reason as any it would seem to be locked up.  What came first the Prisons or the Prisoners.?

Once you are in there is no getting out.  You remember Shawshank Redemption and Red going up for parole year after year when he finally gave up hope they approved his parole.  Crazy or how about Andy swimming through all that excrement to be free could you do it? would you do it?

My only advise is try your best to avoid and any encountering s with the law.  I go out of my way to avoid all contact.  As far as if a crime is committed against me would I report it?  On the occasions when I have it has never gone that well apart from once when my phone got taken and the Sergeant took a shine to me and took me out for a night out.  Did they return my phone? was I compensated? do I feel safer ?  No!  I would go as far to say other than for the purpose of maybe an insurance claim I would avoid at all cost having anything do to with the Police.  For instance when the Racist repair men entered my home to carry out some work after the the sighting of mice.(eek get over it, it is London) .  They found some soiled papers from under behind  a kithcen draw where there was obvious mice activity and placed it in my kitchen draw and helped themsleves to £30 of my money.  On reporting this the officer suggested it was similar to receiving a dirty till receipt at M & S. Then would I complain about that?  It would be random so NO! I wouldn't .... I wanted to scream.

So Black Men getting shot by Police in America . What is going on? Is it the culling of a race?  Why are they all running? Why are they being shot? why are they always Black? Do we really all look alike?  This is narrowed minded on the Officer's part , after a trial in America where most Black Men will not even be able to follow the proceedings due to education being so damn expensive if they hadn't been excluded from an early age anyhow.  They would probably be convinced into accepting a 'Plea Bargain' and be served a long sentence which they wouldn't know how to go about appealing and end up languishing in jail.  Providing the Prison Officer, and staff, the Lawyer, judges and all the Court staff with employment.....

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