Sunday, 12 May 2013

Working with Children

I am a Safety Critical Officer and I love what I do.  I had a very unpleasant shift with two very young members of staff who I was trying to keep safe.  Despite their disoreientated “work plan”.  yes with invereted commas you have to know what you are doing, it is too dangerous an environment to be second guessing and doubling back.  Anyhow after pulling up one of the young apprentices about hands in pocket and the necessicty to walk side by side meaning they would have to cross two current rails to get to the designated place of safety.  I got nothing but whinning which reminded me of my daughter when she was a baby and she was still learning to speak.  

Anyhow I got so angry after one of the children said “The problem with you .....”  No need for me to continue that one.  He obviously got confused and thought he was speaking to one of his mates.

So out of my anger I wrote this poem.

posted fb 09/05/13

#97 Lookout! Pickney at Work
I don't like working with pickney's
Those unruly ill mannered ones
The arrogant ones
That think they know all there is to know
These little children have no idea how far they have to grow
If they knew what I know
Trust me, they wouldn't behave so
Feisty! about they don't mean to offend
I look like size to you?
You must think me and you are friends
I don't like working with pickney's
Please Lawd make this shift end
When they are obnoxious and rude
I want to say "Sit down, wipe your face and finish eat your food!"

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