Sunday, 12 May 2013

Too Tired To Sleep

Sleep is so important.  I work early morning and I really should get more sleep.  I was told somewhere everyone has their own personal magic number of hours when it comes to the right amount of sleep that actually need.  5 that’s mine honestly more than this and I feel sluggish less than this and you don’t want to know about it.  

I love the phrase that I heard use in  a film once ‘ I have to take a nap to ge tired’ .  The whole concept I find funny.  I sleep anywhere in any situation I enjoy sleep I think it is that much underrated thing.  It can be a total luxurious moment particularly with freshly laundered sheets.  I love that smell of ‘Fresh Linen’ I can’t get enough of it.

Posted  fb 11/05/13
#99 Too Tired to Sleep
Have you ever been too tired?
Too tired to sleep
Too tired to take your clothes off
To tired to eat
You lay in the bed
Your whole body aches
Please let sleep come
So you can end this day
Not sure how you got here
A missed appointment with your bed
Has you wandering what you was doing instead
Right now its impossible to sleep
Too restless to count sheep
Please please let sleep come to me

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