Monday, 13 May 2013

Suicide over Bedroom Tax

Something needs to be done about the Benefit Reforms.  No good will come of it.  Especially the Housing Benefit new ruling whereby if you have a room you are not using you have to pay the rent on it and it is no longer covered by Housing Benefit.  There was a woman who recently threw herself in front of a truck as she could not afford the extra £20 she would now be expected to pay towards her rent.

Imagine taking your life over £20.00 it sounds like not a lot but if you are already finding it difficult to cope on benefits this is the final straw.

There was also recently reported a fire in Tooting where an elderly couple burned to death immediately I thougt this was due to the new Benefit Reform

Posted fb 13/05/13
#101 Suicide Pact
They want our home
We have nothing to live for any more
You take this away
You may as well take our lives
I will lay here
Me and the wife
They will find cinders
That will serve them right

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