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OK Let's Talk About Colour

Emeli Sande Before Famous

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#93 Emeli Sande

Read all about it
I love your sound
I love your song
But what has happened to your pigmentation
Is this the answer for our great nation?
I am here to say it is wrong
Is this the only way you could make it
Was getting lighter
Now your future is looking brighter
To fake it
We have spent decades
Pursuing the dream
This is the only way it seems
We are in a sick society
Where someone has to change their identity
To get recognition
For their God given ability
This whole situation makes me cry
She is not the first
That has had to lie
Why cannot we not listen to the voice
Not have to force these songstress
To make this blood curdling choice
I am women of colour
Right now my colour is blue
This is a travesty
Tell me Emeli this is not true
I don’t have this talent
Would I make these changes
To be accepted on this planet
I would like to say NO!
Look what happened to michael
And the way he felt he had to go

Nature Nurture.  What if I wasn't Black would I still have these views?  Would I be so opinionated, would I feel that I had to share my views on absolutely everything.  Would I have such  wealth of knowledge and experiences.  Simply would I have lived this life?  Have I experience poverty ask me that 100 years from now.

I have to be philosophical about wealth it comes with being Black.  I am always looking for the Silver Lining.  I have to keep up beat otherwise a sad faced Black Woman that look has been over done.

I experience some form of Racism every day of my life some more noticeable than others you don't complain.  'Oh so you didn't get a seat on the bus/ train' .. 'What no one wants to sit next to you' ...'No you go first, I insist' ... ' Promotion? yes you are right 'I probably ain't ready' ( I know I trained the person you are promoting over me) guess they got summik I just ain't got.  Maybe I am looking at this all wrong.  Next time I am followed around a store, I will pretend they are my body guard and I am a celebrity.  See always looking for the silver lining ....
posted fb 01/05/13

Let’s call it ‘Special Treatment’.  It’s no longer Discrimination it is ‘Special Treatment’ So let’s talk about some ‘Special Treatment ‘ my Daughter has been receiving recently she moved into a new school in Essex she is considered to be a high achiever always in the top set of the class.  It took two terms for her to be placed in the correct grouping.  Some more ‘Special Treatment’ was after 3 days in the school a little boy in her class felt it necessary to tell her ‘He didn’t like her’ which wasn’t nice she is only 7 after all.  Then randomly during a sports event a ball randomly connects with her head she falls to the ground and in unconscious for a while.  (Not to  unusual but the School decide not to follow their First Aid procedure regarding head injuries) we are not notified and it is not logged in Accident Book.  Even more Special treatment is she is excluded from Comic Relief picture after she took part in Gangman Style school dance event.  More recently she is excluded from a Maths Group she has been attending in the previous term.  All others are allowed to attend on first day back at term.  We are summoned to come and collect her, on the way there they  say there has been a mistake and her name has now been located (there are only 8 children on the list) and more to the point the Exclusion/ Damage has already occurred.  Fortunately she is only a child and is completely oblivious to all this ‘Special Treatment’ Which is good because it breaks my heart.  Yes we have moved into a predominantly White Neighbourhood.  Houses were cheaper there is more green spaces.   What can I say we needed a change.  

They say ridiculous things like they didn’t give her a letter about the Head leaving they assumed she had a brother or daughter which is laughable in a school of 600 children there are maybe 15 Black children .  She joined two terms ago if she had a sibling I think it would have been apparent needless to say all other children in the class got a letter she didn’t more ‘Special Treatment’

What can I say after being stabbed with a pencil by a girl who has been bullying her by taking friends away from her each play time for the past two terms ( which strangely went unnoticed).  I have decided that all the ‘Special Treatment’ is leaving her open to Bullying, Harassment and other unpleasant things which no doubt will go un reported it’s as if she doesn’t exist and if she does she has no feelings.  Or they simply want her to leave so they have got their wish we are putting in for a transfer before anything worse happens.  Oh yeah date check it is 7th May 2013 and there is a Black President in the White House.

#89 Naturally Black

Honestly those are my features
That is how I look
I do not fashion myself on some magazines
Or what you find in a book

I wake each morning
I appraise myself as I look in the mirror
No foundation, no eyeliner,  no filler
It’s all me

This is how I want to be perceived
So I wash my face and brush my teeth
Naturally black
In all that it means

We believe we need help
Honestly we don’t
The beauty lives within
This we must promote

posted fb 03/05/13

#91 No More Vaguely Black
10 denier Vaguely black
Was all I could get
There was black or mink
Which made your legs look pink
I was vaguely black
What was I saying about myself?
I am Black but I am not sure
Now we have a variety of colours
We don't have to be vague any more
My preference is black
This is me rebelling
From the days when I wasn't quite sure
Now I am affirmative Black
No more vagueness
Stand and be counted
Black Just Black!

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