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Housing Benefit Changes

My how time flies and you lose touch with people who have been significant in your life.  I returned back to the Test Track were I first met john,  I will call him John coz that's his name.  He was heading for retirement and just trying to enjoy the last few months of work.  I told him I write poems, he said he didn't really get poetry, I assumed he did based on his age, the fact that he listened to Radio 5 well how wrong can  we be when we assume.  He suggested I write a poem about what I do.  I am a Safety Critical Officer for Public Transport.  I love the way that sounds.  It really is that good other than it is currently under threat and it involves lots of early mornings and walking.

So I went back after two ok three months and he had retired and it had all changed.  I was so pleased with myself.  Firstly I had my poem I wrote about my job in the company magazine, that week.  Yes I have been published and on top of that I had written 3 poems about an issue which was dear to his heart.  Really should be dear to all our hearts unless you are rich then in that case 'Well Done'.

It took my cousin Annette who works in Housing to explain how 'The Benefit Changes' Effects people who are in most cases the most vulnerable   People being forced to move because they; are unemployed; on housing benefit living in social housing.  The only stable aspect in their life is their Housing or less give it's correct term 'Their Home' they are being forced to move out if they are under occupied. That's the jargon for a spare room.

So here are my 3 poems for John My Muse.  It's ok he knows

Posted fb 04/05/13

#92 They’ve Made a Mistake

They’ve made a mistake
Its all a big joke
I am waiting for the punch line
But it never comes
They have devastated my life
Now they expect me to run
Not likely
They need to find someone else to bully
I have worked hard all my life
Retired, now trying to enjoy
The fruits of my labour
Now you want me to move
To do you a favour
You have neglected to build houses
Is this my fault?
I am being made to pay
For your shortfall
You pick on me
Because I am old
I cannot mobilise
Get organised
This is a travesty
This is not right
I am not leaving
You are not taking me alive
I will stay here
Starve until I die

Sorry You Have to Move

Oh you are sorry it has to be this way
You say your hands are tied
Not taking complaints today
We all know why
To leave my home
Because of a benefit ruling
Who are they hoodwinking
Who are they fooling
They want to break up communities
Destroy lives
There is more to this
Than meets the eyes
Have we failed them?
Have we angered the power that be?
I wasn’t involved  in the riots
So don’t punish me

Another Faceless Estate

I have to move
I don’t know when
I don't know where
I have been told
I have to move
Just like that
I have to go
I’ ve lived here
Too long to recall
I was a Wife
I was a mother
I am a grandmother to them all
Now I have to move
Don't I have a say?
Why me?
They’ve changed the rules
It is enforced today
They changed them almost overnight
Where is our gumption?
Where is our fight?
They say that this place is too big for me
Is it my fault life changes predictably
That the children have flown
My husband has passed
This is my home
I am the last
This is where I belong
They are not listening
They don’t care
That everything I have ever done
I have done right here
The children
The grandchildren
They know where I live
If they move me to wherever
How will I survive
I don’t know anyone
New area
New fears
I know this place
I have known it for years
I should've of bought it when I had the chance
They were ‘t giving mortgages
For this high rise muck
Now it is too late
This is my fate  
Moving to yet another
Faceless estate

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