Monday, 22 April 2013

Chris Brown vs Ike

Now I pride myself on being an opinionated person.  I also like to think as an individual, also I am a hard core conspiraces.  Put this all together what have you got?

Now I will say it again and again there is more to the Rihanna Chris Brown bust up.  1, He did n’t her ( No I wasn’t there) if he did hit her why is she going back for more?  ‘If he hits you, he doesn’t like you!’ 2.  Her Father how could he still be friends with him throughout? 3.  Why are Kanye West, Jay z and the likes still supporting Chris? who is a very talented artist.  But if you ‘Beat on a woman’ surely that’s the end of you in the social celebrity world. It didn't work for Ike .  Thats why I say

"Chris Brown Never Hit Rihanna End of period".  The matter is closed .....

It sells records and newspapers.  Rihanna went from yet another RnB singer to a household name ‘Poor Rihanna’  La la la .  Not anymore now the 13th richest Black woman in the World.

Posted fb 13/04/13
#71 Don't you feel stupid

Don't you feel stupid?
Really taken for a ride
All that time believing that
Chris Brown was a really bad guy
Turns out it was a hoax
All a big joke
We believed the worse
That must be the Black Man’s curse
Now they can have their happy ever after
Drowned by their laughter
Of the whole world hoodwinked

How low can they sink?
Taking their careers to the brink
A scheme cooked up by a dream
To be the best it seems
Like cat’s they’ve got the cream
How many lives have they redeemed?
We watch on as they entertain us with songs.
Tell me am I the only one who thinks this is wrong

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