Monday, 22 April 2013

Age Matters

I don't have a problem with Older Men dating younger girls.  My thing just be comfortable with your choices.  I was on a packed train recently then this couple came on and stood right in front of me.  Initially I thought it was a dad out with his daughter then I became aware of the continuous touching and stroking that was going on.  She had a very scared look on her face and it was like the only person who could rescue her was this man.  It was weird and it made me uncomfortable.

So I posted this poem on fb  20/04/13

#77 How Old is She?
It is not my business
That your girlfriend looks
Half your age
Are you so pathetic
That you need to dominate
Unfortunately the only person who fits that bill
Can't stay out after eight
I don't make up the rules
Have we now started dating kids from school?
What is the attraction
Is it the satisfaction of the reaction
I just see perv
Maybe there is more for me to observe
How sad
That you are old enough to be her dad

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