Monday, 22 April 2013

Younger's talking about Youngers

OK I am nosey, I enjoy listening in to other peoples conversation, not necessary the context of it all, more the way it flows.  Let’s just call it research for my Novel.  I have a problem with writing dialogue.  There are so many things we say that never get recorded.  I overheard a group of young boys talking in KFC.  Don’t judge, don’t judge.  They were discussing a program on channel 4 called ‘younger's’ which I caught a bit of the night before.

Very entertaining, with great acting.

Posted fb 15/03/04
#73 Youngers
Nah dats not me Fam
Deh got it all wrong
Deh need to come to me
Before they continue on
Nah! I don't chat like dat
Believe I don't say that
Need to run Dem tings by me
I would give dem bare facts
It was comical to listen to
I thought it was part of the show
They spoke just like the actors In Youngers
Is true deh don't know.
This is just my opinion
Don't tell dem I said so!

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