Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Mc D's Ballet and Kevin

I will dedicate the post to Kevin.  I met Kevin in the Mc d’s in Kilburn.  Why does the name ‘Kevin’ bring a smile to my face.  I had popped in to redeem my breakfast voucher which saved me all of 40p off breakfast.  How smug  am I ?  Also thought I would use wifi to post todays fb offering.  

So I went upstairs sat down and after about a few minutes a black rucksack catches my eye.  I leap up to my feet and ask a man in the other section if the bag belongs to him?  he says ‘No’ which is correct only turns out later that in fact he is a total idiot.  I then try and get the attention of the woman to the right of me who has been on the phone all the time since my arrival.  Does she not know who I am?  I don’t know who I am .  I guess with the Boston bombing being in the news  and the fact I am a Safety Critical officer.   I am paranoid and safety is always on my mind.  

Anyhow Kevin returns he is 57, I probably would have said 50 had he not told me.  We had a absolutely wonderful conversation about ballet, the shooting in Stockwell station, working in hotels and the Purity of Ballet then I shared my poem.   Which he appreciated and gave me wonderful feedback about things I didn’t know were present.  I must go McD’s more often .....

#71 Missed Opportunity  shd be #81

You didn’t get it
Now your forced
To lean
Or steal
It looks so enticing
It wasn’t appealing
When it lay there
With so many others
It looked common
Nothing you wanted
To be associated with
Yet it was free
Lets call it a gift
Now you are forced to drift
From one to another
Like a cheating lover
Everyone getting an opportunity
To discover
Maybe you will get a chance
Someone may give you glance
Along the way
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe today

What is this  poem about?  you will never get it.  It started its life as ‘Regrets’ .

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