Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Tree Assassin

#47The Tree Assassin

They looked to me for help
But my hands were tied
The trees bowed their heads
As they learnt they would die
The Tree Surgeon
Has been called in
To carry out this killing
I listen to the chain saws
The sound is Spine Tingling Chilling
Why? Oh why? Can’t we leave them alone?
They offer protection
They are where birds build their homes.

The Tree Surgeon
Is a skillful physician
He will take them down with ease
With his various ropes and harnesses
He will conquer these trees
He will climb to the top
He’s not a Lumberjack
He’s a skillful Assassin
He’ll even get the tree to assist in the attack

When there are no trees left
We won’t be able to breathe
Yet we cut, we fell
We take them to their knees
We enjoy how they look
We love their fruits
We also enjoy the breeze
Unfortunately the roots run deep

They pull out all the nutrients of the land
This we can’t concede
we are like scornful Lovers
We don’t forget
Sadly we have already
Been feeling the Sadistic Effects

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