Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Killing of the Next Generation

I just thought I would say

There is way too many deaths of young black men in our community. There are way too many unsolved murders amongst young black men.  There is large amount of unemployment amongst our young black men.  There are way too many young black boys being expelled from schools, colleges and places of learning.  There are a high number of young men being brought up in single parent households.  There have been many closures of youth clubs and recreational parks and halls across all London Boroughs,  There is a large group of young black men who have nothing to do with their time.

There are many guns within many of the underprivileged areas.  There is a high number of young black men selling or taking drugs.  There is a high number of young black men who are in prison.  

There are a high number of young black men whom despite all these negative issues are holding down jobs, are obtaining good degrees, are becoming good fathers.......I just thought I would say..........

Posted 24th February

#23 Last Smile
The picture of a proud mother
Her hand placed gently on his shoulder
Him smiling in that 'I really should be embarrassed at my age to be skinning my teeth like this'
But Mum's so happy I will give my street cred a miss
They share the same smile
They share the same goals
Some wicked person, who? We just don't know
Has taken him from his loving Mother
Ended his life
Terminated his dreams
That picture captured them so well smiling
Because no one knows what the future holds
Cherish our children grow them well
There is nothing that can prepare you for this type of hell.
The taking of another life it is not correct it's not right
Daily on our screen this phenomena is clouding our dreams.
Make it stop! Make it stop!
No more of our young men taken down in their prime
Its like a culling of the next generation
Where only the ruthless heartless and troubled will survive.

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