Saturday, 16 March 2013

Telling it like it is

A friend I hadn’t spoken to in over a year, contacted me and shared some devastating news with me.  Well I told it like it was, which didn’t go down too well, I even added a few choice swear words.  To make my point.  (I hardly ever swear, I am often offended when I hear too many offensive words) but occasionally I find I have to, just to make my point.  Originally posted 15th March, but I have no idea where it went, when I checked the following morning it wasn’t on fb.  I know I posted it I was extremely tired, but I insisted on posting it.  Much to my daughters delight who was insisting I posted it so she could stay up late watching ‘Comic Relief’  (I am on to her)  I always tune in.  Like most people I find a lot of the reports very disturbing, that’s what poverty some are forced to live in.  The presenter made a point that was the bases for my poem ‘I believe hell is here’.  We can be born anywhere in the world it so happens the people who read this will be born with a lot of privileges that we take for granted.  It’s random all random!

#42 Fake Friends
I am not a ‘Yes Friend’
I am the straight no nonsense,
You will listen to it whether you want to listen Friend
I am not the ATM friend
But I will cook you a good meal Friend
I won’t be on the phone day and night
Chatting ish friend
I am a few select words,
Golden boot in the mouth award friend
I am not the ‘I think that is a bad idea’
but let’s see how it turns out Friend
I am not the let me drive my car friend
But if there is somewhere you wanna go
I will take you there Friend
I am not that “Whay how dat dress look
good on you Friend!”
Then gone around the corner
double up and bend Friend
I am not the I been through that Friend
But no mine was worse friend
I can chat on and on , but then I know when
To shut-up and listen friend
Hey what do you know people want fake Friends
I don’t do that
Strangely enough I don’t have a lot of Friends

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