Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Libraries What's That?

The situation across many of the Boroughs are that many of the libraries are being closed.  Yes we do have many other means of reading information.  I still feel there is a need for them, it’s a place where the community of all ages can get together and share their love of books. I use to live near Streatham Library, they had a wonderful Mothers and Toddler club the demand for it was huge, it meant getting up early and getting the little one ready. This was a challenge but it was always worth it.

posted fb 14/03/13

#41 Libraries Outlawed
Libraries are where books live
Where late at night
They run around and consult
They discuss their titles
They discuss their middles
Discuss their ends
Discuss there twist
Sit down with friends
They've even started a book club
Where they review the people who come in
The very small with their sticky hands
The one that have no idea
What a book is and why they are here
Some put it in there mouth
I guess they want to digest what it is they are reading about
So now the proposal is going around
These libraries are being outlawed
Seized,destroyed, shut down
wherever they are found
As if books was an illicit drug
We must be all addicts coz it makes me feel sick
Knowing what they have planned
It is a place where minds are transformed
So now the libraries are under threat
If we don't do something now
This we will live to regret

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