Monday, 25 August 2014

Working for the Government

posted fb 28th January  

#350 Working for the government

I work for the Government
sitting on the dole
I sign on fortnightly
I do as I am told

I really should be out there
raising up a fuss
but there are no jobs
as they have failed  all of us

I see people hustling
to make ends meet
there is less on the table
eating has become a treat

Our children may never work
this makes me sad
as I have experienced being useful
I don’t just mean being Mum and Dad

we wait for the old to move on
so we can take their seats
they are reluctant to sit down
they remain on their feet

how did it get so bad?
what has gone on?
it doesn’t matter who is in charge
they’ve all got it wrong!

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