Friday, 3 January 2014

Little girl lost

This year has started with a record number of girl going missing.  between the ages of 12 -18 what is going on.  I remember these ages as if it was yesterday.  Yeah it all was terrible , yes it was enmotional, either crying or angry with little in between.  I got through I made it.  coz now it just seems like a distant memory.  Not gonna say anything corny like 'It made me the Woman I am today' coz thatz just ish.  What I would say is I really thought I wouldn't make it, but obviously I did , it was all desperate I was a 70's /80's kid and it was bleak.

posted fb 04/01/14

#324 Little girl lost

Too many girls
are running away
leaving their homes
running from what
to go where
is it really that bad
is there no one to talk to
no mum
no brother
no dad
no sister
what is so bad
that you cannot communicate
that all there is left to do
is leave
jumping out the frying pan
landing in the fire
was it really that bad
is it too late to turn around
and try again
are they really not listening
do they really not see you
do you really not matter
you know you are missed
you are person in your own right
and you really do exist

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