Friday, 3 January 2014

New year resolotions

As a rule I don't make new year resoloutions.  I don't sign up for gym's only to attend two or three times.  I don't make list can never get to the end without getting distracted.

But this year.
This year is my year.
last year was all over the place , no focus I guess

posted fb 04/01/14  (still can't get over the fact it is a New year)

#323 This is My year

I am here to declare
this is my year
no more languishing
or hanging around
I am like an eagle
hitting the ground
faster than ever before
this year I am aiming for the sky
I want to achieve more
draw a line under last year
it’s done forgotten
now lets move on
this year I am here
it is clear
this year is my year
watch this region
watch this spot
I will become all that I hope
show you all that I have got

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