Monday, 6 January 2014

Are the storms over?

The New year is much like the old year, weather wise.  No sign of snow just rain, rain, rain and heavy winds.  I feel like a figure in a glass globe.  My head is all fuzzy please please stop shaking!

posted fb 0401/14
#325 Storm done

Is it too early to declare?
it done!
sky’s are clear
no more storms
no more howling
people being washed out to sea
no more putting off today
to do tomorrow
because face it
you are scared
you are just a man
and driving walking flying
has all become treacherous
and it really isn’t so ‘Nice by the sea’
enough enough
Mother Nature stop
have we not suffered enough?
yes we have destroyed your rainforest
and we pollute the sky
but surely you can forgive us
for some of us
really do try
I recycle
and the men in China

I understand ride their bi-cycles

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