Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Cold Spell

The temperature suddenly plummeted after Christmas, we had gone shopping as a family, we were ill prepared.  Myself and my youngest daughter composed a poem about how cold we felt, as we sat on top of a bus.  Dad meanwhile was not showing no real interest in our bus entertainment,  till he chirped in with the line about huddling at bus stops like penguins very impressive if you've seen happy feet as many times as we had seen happy feet then it all make sense.  The Male penguins were left to look after the eggs as the mothers went off to get food .  They are waiting for the world to turn.....

#3 One day I woke up
One day I woke up and I was blue
Not a melancholy scenario just an icy cold
We would huddle at bus stops like penguins
Waiting for the world to turn
We would discuss the cold at length
We all agreed we had enough
And like an X this cold had to go
The following day it would seem
The cold was more sensitive then we knew
Through the night it had snowed
Now we were no longer blue
Everything like a blanket was now white

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