Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Where Poetry Belongs

This Poem was posted on 14th February yes also known as Valentines day.  This is where poems belong, or maybe the time of year where us as adults encounter poems/ rhymes from the over priced valentines card with a corny limerick or a more in-depth mammoth of a poem declaring nothing but true love .  So on this date I posted not 1 not 2 yes 3 poems, they all were received well.

This one I like the most it's something most Women would like to have happen on a more regular basis

#12 Hold My Hand

He held my hand to cross the road

He holds my hand when we enter a club

This means so much to me as this is the sign of love

Never just as we walk down the road or we are shopping at Tesco's

He buys me flowers at valentines chocolates, card and a rose

But how I wish he would hold my hand then the world will know

I am his woman and how I love him so.

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