Monday, 11 March 2013

Time Wasters

Posted my Online Gaming poem,  strangely enough very good response, within Five mins of posting I had two of my cousins, confessing to their addictions.  If it’s anything like the 10 steps Alcoholic Recovery Programme, the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem.

Repeat after me “Hello My name is................. I am an Online Game addict, I understand Acknowledging this is my first step to recovery, please support me on my journey”.  

Well the response from these two is fine,  my main offender has remained silent, she’s always so encouraging about my poetry.  I can only assume I have offended her ,,,,,,,

For that i should say sorry.....

Tough Love!!!

#38 Gaming Online
Why oh why are we spending our time playing all these games online?
Seriously? Really? I haven't got the time.
To be logged on playing games with my time
I don't want to collect jewels coz I aint no fewel
I will not get involved in your farming drama
Now the latest seems to be Candy Crush
That one I have no idea what it is about
I can only assume your brain has been turned to lush
Where either it generates or you are announcing your various levels of let's call it "Success"
Really no pot to clean? no bed to mek?
If I get one more invite to play some online game at night
All I can say is
Please save your electricity and turn out de light
Please do not inflict me with your online addiction.
That way we can avoid any future online friction

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