Saturday, 13 August 2016

Reparations well overdue

#251 The same Surname as me

You have the same surname as me
does that mean you were once a slave?
no. !
we share the same surname
that is where the similarities end
your forefathers were once slave owners
my forefathers were once slaves
so where are their wages?
that they toiled and laboured for
where are the bodies that were lost at sea?
where are the babies that were cut from bellies?
the women and the men that were raped?
we know it was wrong
yet they still won’t hear our reparations song
tell us it was too long ago
and we should be over it by now
but my heart aches
and my soul mourns
for all those family members I lost
ohh so long ago
to me it feels like yesterday
a pain that will not go away
a dull nagging pain
that hurts evermore

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