Monday, 10 March 2014

How to fill the void?

My challenge officially has ended.  no more writing and posting poems on Facebook.  What am I to do?  I have enjoyed writing this Blog, I have been fascinated by the visitors the countries that have stopped by to take in my Blog.  Cold weather seems to be an attraction.  Who would have known.  Still as opinionated as ever.  currently struggling with being unemployed and what that does to you.  It is soul destroying and rehabilitating, it makes you question all that you have done.  Makes you spend way too much time wondering how you got here anyhow.  For this Blog to be complete there really should be at least 365 entries, so I will be working over the next few weeks to fill in the gaps.  Yes it will be disjointed but then at least it would be a complete record of what actually was posted on Facebook.  So continue to past by.  As I fill in the gaps. The only good thing about  unemployment gives you lots of time to do things.

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