Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Another Teenager is killed

I wrote this poem over two years ago.  It is one of 3 poems I wrote.  I was so pleased with the poems I remember sharing it with whoever I would listen.  It got a good response.  I had an idea about going around schools and sharing my poem, hoping to inform the youth of the consequences of taking someone's life.

posted 13/12/13

#296 Here my side of the story

There is a taste in my mouth
it makes me kinda sick
everything I do
brings me no comfort
I am trying to make amends
no one will understand
the predicament I am in
there is my side of the story
that will go untold
you wasn’t there
and true you don’t know

there was nothing I could do
to prevent what happened
I see his family and his friends
their lives have been shattered
to me he was just a little prick
a nuisance, surplus, fodder
turns out
he was much loved
a decent friend
a family member
a brother
don’t judge me
coz you weren’t there
and you can’t be sure
you would have done the same
I will spend the rest of my days
reliving every minute
before during and after
I am not no hero not no martyr
just a kid from the block
who got hold of a gun
the rest as they say is history
itz all over

itz done

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