Thursday, 29 August 2013

My Enchanted life

I am embarking on a big venture, it is scary and exciting at the same time.  At every step of the way there has been masses of advise and good fortune.  From people I barely know.  It's wonderful.  I now have to decide who to listen to.  Do I just go along despite all this unsolicited advise or do I stop freeze and not go forward.

posted fb 29/08/13
#210 Guidance From Within

I will listen to my inner voice
and what it has to say
some call it their conscious
either way it will make you rethink your day
all situations we find ourselves in
are predicted somewhere along the way
you just have to listen
to the people you meet
telling you part of the story
for you to complete
make sense of what they are saying
as it is never as you think
sometimes it is a dream
sometimes more straightforward
you just have to make the link
listen to that inner voice that says ‘don't go there!’
its not always obvious
I assure you
in time it will all be clear......

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