Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Equality Overdue

  Just watched 15 minutes of 'The March'.  I grabbed my remote pressed record that's all I could do.  I couldn't move I was transfixed to screen.  I've had heard about the march I have seen clips of the march.  I was astounded by the sheer volume of people there who were truly integrated, they showed a water fountain where you saw black and white people drinking from the same fountain. powerful.  

Best thing I have seen on tv for a  long time.  totally inspiring.  

prompted me to write this.

posted fb 28. 08. 13

 #209 Equality Overdue

They owe me
they owe us all
for the equality
that is overdue
to treat
me different from you
if I was taken on my merit
where will I be ?
what could I achieve ?
I will live her life
while she looks at me
5o years ago he had a dream
the dream is still not realised
I am sad to console
all those who were there
who marched
and walked
who made their voices clear
everyone had something to say
it is as if there never was that day
did it happen?
did it really occur?
all that they wanted
is still wanting
this is 50 years on
equality is still haunting

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