Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Superior Hair Quality

Right now I am wearing my hair in a afro.  I love the way it looks all unruly and when I touch it , it is soft, strong and thick.  It is in a healthy condition.  I have relaxed my hair in the past, or I should I say try and kill it by drying it out and drowning it in chemicals.   Anyhow it has forgiven me and recovered.  To the next experiment. Afro hair is so versatile I am certain there is not  style out there that cant be achieved.

I have noticed when I have my hair in  an Afro the general concess is that someone wants to touch it.  Now I regard my hair as being personal and private.  The area about your head is vital when it comes to channelling positive energy.

Posted fb 10/07/13
#160 My Nappy Hair

My hair is described as nappy
This makes me happy
It is also unruly
And cannot be tamed
Like the woman within
My independent brain

My hair is superior
Which naturally means other hair is inferiria
It is versatile
It can be combed in any style
It can be slicked back
If that’s where you think it is at

My hair doesn’t lay flat
If I locks it
It will climb happily down my back

My hair is happiest in afro
That’s what is unique you know  
In the 70’s it was symbolic and right
My hair stands upright
Like it’s an antenna
Ready for a fight
Tracking for the next satellite

I remember the tears
As a child
Wanting to wear my hair wild
To avoid the comb which I would fear
Now I am in control
I comb it without tears

I recall sitting down
At my mothers feet
This time spent together
I now regard as a treat
Time spent alone;
With my mother my hair
And that wretched comb

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