Monday, 8 July 2013

Nelson Mandela Gravely Ill

The news of Nelson Mandela ill troubles me more that I ever expected it to do.  My father was keep on Politics, he says whether you like it or not Politics are everywhere and you encounter during your day whether you choose to take part in politics or not.  I understood despite being maybe eight.  My father would speak of Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko and so many atrocities which had occurred in this country.

My point is I have always been aware of Nelson Mandela.  I was 27 when he was finally released he had spent 27 years in prison.  For some reason it stuck in my mind.  by 27 I had my daughter and was settled into my career.

Imagine 27 years of your life being taken away.

so now that he is ill, all I keep thinking is he was robbed of 27 years of his life.

posted fb 30/06/13

#151 They Owe Him a Life

They owe him
They owe him a life
Some people never make it
Some people need to think twice

They owe him so much
Don’t let him die
As long as there is hope in sight

He stood for truth
He stood for justice
He stood against the evil system

That made his people bled
Incarcerated locked up for
Standing up for your rights

Songs were made to pursue his release
This system is wicked
He was in the belly of the beast

27 years
27 years that’s almost a whole life
For something that wasn’t  completely true

He kept dignified
He kept true

Then that fateful day
After they finally had there fun
Decided to let release him

Maybe to see where he woud run
He stayed true to his word
This country he would run

A term in Government
Was not enough to do all that had to be done
Now he is ill

All I can think
Look how they have treated
This African Son

Live on Nelson Mandela
Live out all your days
We will keep you in our hearts

Your name we will praise!

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