Friday, 5 April 2013

Vulgar Money Talk

Money does not motivate me neither does not having money motivate me, the later concerns me, not staying awake can’t sleep kind of concern.  I won’t say it is because I now consider myself an artist. I am someone who has worked for money, received it, spent it then moved on.  I don’t long for those days.  I enjoyed the whole aspect of working in an industry that was buzzing and evolving.  I am talking about the IT industry late 1990.  Just writing it, it seems like a lifetime ago.  

I remember stumbling into IT, which is how much of the things I end up doing for work come about.  I was unemployed for awhile my sister who was very concerned about me falling into some sort of ‘Under-Class Person’ class, encouraged me to do an IT course.  I attended the course run at Westminister College in Battersea, that’s where I met Alan, Jason and Micheal I got a chance to be one of the cool kids yes I was 25 at the time.  School I was shy and awkward not the most enjoyable place if I remember rightly.

I completed the IT course even though I remember one of the Lecturers being very chauvinistic and openly resenting me having a place on the course which was predominately men.  Most appeared like IT Boffin's compared to me.  The most challenging part was the practical part of the course where we had to create a system floppy disk??? then install the floppy drive and also install memory on the Mother board, fortunately we were allowed 3 attempts at this I nailed it in the first attempt, much to everyone’s surprise, mine as well if I am honest.  That shut up the Chauvinist so it was all worth it.

Went on into IT then became an IT contractor where at the time they were paying crazy money for any type of IT skills.  I worked in this industry for almost five years doing different assignments in many Corporate organisations.  So I have experienced money, now I work for a more humble or is it humbling amount most importantly I am happy.  I also get a chance to meet a lot of people some interesting, some not so interesting, a fair amount of jerks on a whole the majority of the people I encounter are really nice.  Occasionally all too frequently I meet men who feel it necessary to impress upon me how much they earn.  “Like Money maketh the man?”  Not in my books, it doesnt impress me interest me and I don’t need to feign interest.

posted FB 5 April 2013

#62 Money Chat

I don’t like conversations about money
When I am working as hard as I can, it’s not funny
So you get paid more than me
It is expected after all you are a man
Other then talking about money
What is your chat-up plan?
Unless you are going to whisk me off my feet
Take over all my bills complete
Buying all my clothes
I don’t want to hear about your Money Throne
You talk about money as if you get money for free
I enjoy what I do
Can you say the same and be true?
What are you prepared to do
To bring all this money to you
Maybe I am the final sacrafice
To get your Money piles
Worshiping money
Has got you believing the Money Lies

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