Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dressing for the cold

It so difficult to get it right, dressing for cold weather, the layering of clothes is a nice idea but in practice it is difficult to pull off.  For most women society has us conscious and battling with weight issues.  So saying to us we now want you to layer your clothes to create a Bohemian look is asking for trouble.  If you are comfortable with losing your curves and your waistline it is a  look that can work.  I am at an age when I still can distinctly remember having a waist, and a waist you could see,  I am feeling a Gok Wan moment.

His solution would probably be layering with  belt.  With my missing waistline the question would be how large a belt? and then would I not just be emphasising not only have a put on weight (with all these additional layers) but my only option to create an allusion of  waist is to put a large belt on it.  I think this layering and belt wearing is not for me.

Thermals I swear my thermals on in October and off well this year they haven’t come off. (due to this years extended winter) Thermals have come along way they use to be associated with ‘Old Men’ now they are lacy and trendy.  Trendy or not. in my line of work they are essential.  I am always travelling to the outskirts of London where the temperature is significantly lower than in London.  I normally put it down to the pollution so if you want want warmer temperatures you have to put up with the pollution in London and if you opt for no pollution you have to endure colder temperatures.  ‘Swings and roundabouts’

I spent a few days working in Stanmore where everyone just referred to it as it having its own ‘Micro-climate’.  It was the buzzword as we stood waiting to be briefed huddled around a van as the desk provided had a thin coating of ice on it and could not be used.  Micro-climate or not it was freezing and throughout the day there would be little flurries of snow.  Flurries such a lovely word for a plummet in temperature and the possibility of heavy snow and potential lost of life

Posted FB 4/04/13
#62 Put on Some Clothes

Girl Please! Put on some clothes
Outside is -3 degrees that’s a definition of cold
I understand you’re playing that fashion role
But your hunched shoulders is all wrong
Peek toe sandals?
This is how you start scandals
On reflection you’ve nailed the 50’s Look
Unfortunately your face is now blue
I have to ask, is it worth it to freeze
I am sure this is not the look for you
Next time just try putting on more clothes
Or check the temperature
Unless of course you are suffering from dementia
If that is the case , Girl you look fly!
It’s only right that we turn a blind eye
We let this assault on fashion go by

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