Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sophisticated Bullies

Bullying at any stage of life is can be soul destroying.  As an adult we experience bullying at work, often feel helpless, somehow under the impression that this behaviour only happens at school.   We know it doesn’t yet it is so difficult to articulate when you are experiencing.  I know I have been bullied or coerced into making a decision at work.  I look back and I can’t even explain how it was done, but i know it was n’t a decision I made freely.  Something about conforming and that desire to be accepted.  

I wrote this poem in response to  a situation that I feel I had advised my daughter about.  When bullying in school happens we always expect it to be physical and involve some threat and money extortion scenario.  Well not always Bullies are more sophisticated these days relying on subtle objecting to everything you say, talking over you, copying your work and pulling people you are playing with to play another game that you are not invited to play.  Either way it is nice and it hurts.

Posted fb 16/04/13
#74 Why You Hit Me?
Why you hit me
I will never know
Is it my presence that angers you so?
I know from time you have been gunning for me
My Mother said 'Ignore' and let you be
Now all the mean words
And the off key behaviour
Me ignoring you
Has somehow made you braver
Did you think I would not tell?
While you continue bullying me
Putting me through this Hell
I don't know what's going on at home
Maybe if you were nicer
You wouldn't feel isolated or alone
I am not here to analyse
I am just getting on being a child
All I know is:
You hit me and you made me cry
For that you will pay
I will gain no pleasure or smile
When they punish you
Send you on your way
Let you know that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated from you
The hit that you gave me brought tears to my eyes
The distorted World you live in is made up of lies
Are you that twisted you just want to see me cry?

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