Monday, 1 April 2013

Give Caesar His Dues

I gave this poem the title of ‘Give Ceasar His Dues’ based on a phrase a friend used to say regularly, whenever we were at a demonstration or march.  She would basically say what we are requesting is not extortionate, we are requesting what should be rightfully given to us a Human Beings, this was in the early part of 2000 when Human Rights were hot.  Now it just seems to come up over privacy issues for people who are being detained in prison.  There was always an article or other that was being violated at any one time.  

#56 Give Ceasar His Dues

What if that person
Held the key
Knew all the answers
That you need
Should you not at least give them a chance
Before dismissing them at a glance
They are in your life for a reason
This is true
Nothing you encounter in this life
Is accidentley sent to you
Give Ceasar his dues

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