Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Why You Should Always do Good

Today I was pondering the question of; should I be doing research to produce my poems? Or should I just rely on my life experiences and knowledge.  If I carry out research would this change the tone of the poems and would this prevent my natural creativity????.......

Then I read a post on fb from Delroy Washington, stating whenever people tried and in most cases succeeded in doing him a wrong, some ill fate met them down the line.  I felt compelled to respond with "I know what you mean!"

So on the back of that I penned this:

#32 I will Turn a Blind Eye

I try my best to live my life the best I can
No lying, No cheating or scamming
Whenever people come along to deceive
I just sit back, I observe what they are planning
I don’t counter attack
There is no need for me to strike back
Most people are so clever
Me I just play dumb
I am like do your worst
Let it come, let it come!
What you don’t realise
what you intend for me
“Is dat yuh a go get!”
When you are digging that hole
To bury me in
You best dig yours too
When will they learn
You have to reap before you can earn
You can try and defeat me with all your lies
I will stand firm with truth on my side
'But what yuh nah no'
'What is done in de dark, nah must come to light'
Whether you win this battle today
‘yuh know me must win de war’
many have come up against me
“Yuh nah see dem? Deh pun de floor!”

What I noticed about this poem whenever there was a lesson to be learnt it naturally flowed into a Jamaican Patois, which makes sense.  This is the art of story telling which is deep-rooted with the African/ Caribbean culture.

This was often how you taught your children right from wrong.  This was how I was taught and I will continue to teach my children. It lends a sternest to the lesson and sticks in the mind. Well it works for me!

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