Monday, 4 March 2013

In Memory of Absent Friends And Loved Ones

Since discovering this gift ability to write poems, the poem I have shared the most, is one named ‘In Memory of Loved ones and Absent Friends’ Yes it has
got a long title, like I said I have trouble trying to find appropriate titles, I put so much effort into my poem its like I am creatively exhausted and all I can do is put down the metophorical pen and say that’s it, my work here is done.

I remember how this poem came about I was working as on an IT help desk in Dagenham East, Some mornings I will have to get there 7 yes 7 in the morning, from South London I would have to get up crazy o'clock to get there.  I remember I had been contracting for the past 4 years. (Contracting that's where you get loads of money) no holiday/sick pay or pension.  This is when I broke my life long habit of getting places late.  I remember one of my teachers meeting me on my way to school late of course, and she said to me ‘If you are late for school, you will be late for work’ What does she know? ‘Nah! Miss coz then I would be getting paid, then I would make sure I was on time’ .  well she was right until I started contracting and I was on rolling contracts where punctuality all came into play when decisions were made.

So I was working at a Pharmaceutical company it was like the ‘Truman show’.  I would always say this, I also wondered who was the star in this place?  Maybe it was me, after all we are all stars in our own Soap Opera.  Either no one else had seen it or they were just happy to be getting regular work as extras in some reality show experiences.  (I guess I have an over active imagination) it makes the time go quicker.

I had been there for about three months it was enjoyable enough, that’s when one of the IT Geeks received bad news about his friend he had left in Wales.  It didn't make sense his friend was 34 and had 3 children, and suddenly passed away.  I watched him over the next few days just going through the motions as I guess we all do, when we have shocking news to deal with, we just go in to some sort of auto pilot.  I remember this, I had been there it looked familiar.
So I wrote the poem ‘In Memory of Absent Friends and Loved Ones’ No I will not shorten it.
I emailed it to him. he just said ‘thanks for the poem, not really into poetry’ .

In Memory of Absent Friends and Loved Ones

When living becomes a daily chore
Get up, go to work, go home
This routine we must endure
When loved ones are taken
Every waken moment is vacant
Questions begin
Why him? Why them? Why now?

Your faith is being tested
Your beliefs are being crushed
It just seems like its all too much
To continue on
With no indication
That what you are doing will not be mentioned
This is the life chosen for retention

Peace is found in meditation

Friends offer empty words of comfort

Or just avoid the subject

Hoping not to offend

To speak of a life now it is at an end

Legacies are left in children and in trust

Life goes on dust to dust
Everything for a reason
However obscure
They will appear before you as you sleep
Confusing your mind
Making you believe
That what has gone before
Is just a dream

The temptation is to sleep away your days

Hold on to those recurring dreams
Peace, peace everlasting peace

When I hand this poem to the person experiencing their loss, I normally say to them ‘It’s going to make you cry’ I make no apologies for this, sometimes we need to let go and sometimes we need to cry.  This poem truly humbles me, when I see their reaction I am always overwhelmed,  I know it makes a difference and.  Don’t matter how tough and big you may be inside there is a little child hurting and wanting a way out.

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