Saturday, 11 January 2014

Mark Duggan lawfully killed

The shooting of Mark Duggan, is said to be the starting point of the riots of 2011.  The inquest verdict was finally delivered.  It stated that officer V53 lawfully shot Mark Duggan.  Officer V53 is a marks man and that's what they do.  He acted lawfully as he believed that the suspect posed a danger to him, and others now and possibly in the future.

posted fb 11/01/14

#337 Aliens on the run

We waited 

They stated it was lawful 

To kill

Let the riots begin

Coz this time they are ready

we have less to loose

No home no belongings no shoes

We know what they can do 

We have trained in their virtual world

Where we have zoned out from reality

Is this not the totality

Of what we have become

We are no longer citizens

We are Aliens on the run

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