Thursday, 9 January 2014

finding it difficult to smile

posted fb 08/01/14

#331 Nothing to smile about

You don’t smile as much
my family is not stable
it is broken on many levels
father works long hours
I digress I don’t know who he is
mother is distracted
as she doesn’t have enough for the table
my brother has been picked up so many times now
even I think he maybe up to something
so many are with opportunities thin on the ground
that everyone his age are doing it

Sorry I don’t smile when you see me
I don’t notice the opportunities
wouldn’t know one if it slapped me in the face
I am sure I would be more beautiful
and a  little more approachable
if I smiled more
my smiles have all been used up
on those school pictures
that were returned
could not be bought
not pretty enough I guess
despite my smile
so now, no I don’t smile

nothing to smile about

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