Monday, 23 December 2013

Leave Me Alone

posted fb 23/12/13

#307 A Lone African warrior

I think I have upset them
with what I have had to say
I am a single woman
I have to speak out
I chose to do it this way
I have beaten drums
in protest
I have marched on your streets
listen to my cry
do you hear that African beat?
I am a lone African Warrior
this I cannot deny
when I look at what atrocities we go through
I can’t sit in silence
that’s not what I am here to do
now they are going through my business
with a fine tooth comb
I know it’s too late
too late to say
I wish they would ‘LEAVE ME ALONE!’
what was I doing
watching what I spend
meanwhile there is millions being wasted
on things they chose to defend
now I am just an individual
I am feeling the strain
I am on this planet

I am taking all this pain

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