Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Lead role for a Black Actor is full of expectations

Tell me you haven't noticed, I will say you are lying.  I watch a fair amount of tv some would say too much.  I have noticed there is this trend to paint Black characters as stereotypes of themselves then send them up and ridicule them.  What this does for the perception of that person in the real world, I can only speculate.  It is fine for those who live in an environment where they encounter many different cultures and can get a chance to make their own assessment.  lets hope everyone is giving a fair chance and whatever they have seen on tv does not influence how they treat that person.

posted fb 17/11/13

#284 The lead

How do they do it
I don’t need to ask why
they can make us the ‘star’
making us the lead guy
if we are not killed in the opening lines
we sit and wonder why
we are subjected to this degradation
of another black guy
we sit and cringe
and wish we wasn’t there
to bare witness to his fate
they will send him up
and humiliate
take Will Smith
in ‘last man alive’
(I am Legend)
he was the hero in our eyes
until it turns out
it was all  vain
he didn’t have the complete story
so his struggle was unnecessary
now I know we don’t control the media
but can we not control our greed
leaving legacies for the young
is an important need

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