Sunday, 24 November 2013

Ricky Bishop Rally

I attended the Ricky Bishop Rally held in Brixton outside, it was very emotional and empowering.  There were the usual distractions Brixton Police were unbelievably busy, there were sirens screeching up and down even a van of officers which even for Brixton on Saturday afternoon was very unusual.  We even had the presence of the the Brixton Ethnic Minority Liaison officer he stood by the side just by the banner almost endorsing our protest, we should of thanked him.  As I have mentioned before deaths in custody is a problem within the police force and also the mental health industry.  Too much force at the wrong time snuffing the life of an undesirable ? a mentally ill person? not sure what the criteria is, whatever it is, it has to stop.

I was privileged to be able to share my poem 'Lynching Tree'.

I wrote a poem for Ricky's sister who visited Brixton Police station on 22nd November 2013 which was the actual day 12 years ago when her brother was arrested and detained in the station.

I posted this poem on her timeline

Poem for Rhonda Marie-Bishop
I sit here

where you sat

I put myself in your shoes




of the unknown

I sit here

where you sat

all those years ago

I will be allowed to leave

you were not

we mourn

we grieve

you would be so proud of me now

of what I have become

we have pulled together

we have remained strong

we will always love you

in our hearts is where you belong

(she printed it out, and it was pinned onto the tree (The Lynching Tree))

then he was experiencing breathing difficulties so they rushed him to Kings College A and E department, is that why we now have a reality show based in Kings college hospital??? That sadly is where he died from a massive drug overdose.  Yes it is alleged that this clean living regular attending gym person was actually a drug dealer? and had his stash concealed in his mouth? The amount that was found in his body was a substantial amount, not an amount that he would have been able to speak with, if it was in his mouth.  Look it doesn't add up, it doesn't make sense and I wasn't there.  There were nine officers who were and they have been the ones we have rely on to inform us as to what happened.  Oh yes there is the cctv in Kings college hospital, where Ricky appears to be fine communicating quite well despite the huge quantity of crack cocaine in his mouth.
posted fb 24/11/13

#290 The reality about Ricky Bishop

The reality is
Ricky Bishop went out one evening
and he never returned
there has been no explanation
don’t you think that is absurd?
don’t you think that is wrong?
the family have been left
to pick up the pieces
left to struggle on
I feel we are closer to the truth
despite the cover ups
and the system not being accountable
and everyone acting aloof
‘I wasn’t there’
‘it wasn’t on my time’
there are a group of officers
As I understand nine
who know what happened
what went wrong
a man in their custody
a man in their charge
now he is no longer
they expect us to forget and move on
what can I say
they got this one wrong!.

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