Saturday, 22 June 2013

Dumping ground for unwanted children

The Situation in children care homes they are worse than we ever thought.  It's like this little children are just there to be abused.  The recent stories of girls being groomed and children being brought into Brixton Police Station as Sex slaves is shocking.  These poor children who at first were abandoned then to be subjected to this systematic abuse.

So when women become pregnant and they feel it necessary to terminate or put the un planned unwanted child in care.  Every needs to think longer and harder about that option.

posted fb 22/06/13

#142  The Forgotten one

I am the remainder of a bad relationship
I am the leftover from a broken promise
I am the forgotten one
I am the one born out of passion
I am the one to not be loved
I am the one that will be rejected
I am the one not selected
I am the one waiting
For my time to come
It wasn’t my choice
I didn’t do anything wrong
Yet I will be punished
Forever for what went wrong

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